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Welcome to our list of rules we (mistakenly) assumed were totally unnecessary to state.
Hey! Yes - you ... do you know a dumb rule we didn't think of? Email it to us so we can include it!

1 Please don't put our electric (plastic) kettle on a burner and attempt to heat the water that way. It is, by definition, electric and therefore plugs into the wall and does not require additional heating on an element. In fact, to do so will cause a fire. And for any Doubting Thomas's out there, we actually have the proof.
2 Please share the computer. While we understand free internet is exciting, the computer needs to be shared with everyone in the hostel.
3 Please use bedding appropriately. Which is to say, please sleep on top of the bottom sheet, and under the stop sheet. Even if it is so warm you don't want to use the quilt, we ask that you refrain from just sleeping on top of everything. (haha - use bedding appropriately. That just sounds funny to me.)
4 Please don't sneak out to your car late at night and bring your own personal bedding (sleeping bags, pillows, sheets, blankets, stuffies, etc.) back into the hostel after we have already asked you to keep it out of the hostel. We do not allow any personal bedding in the hostel, and it is for your protection as much as ours. Personal bedding carries tics, fleas, spiders and the infamous bedbug. Not your's specifically, of course. Someone else's... buddy over there in the next bed. But if we let them have their gear in the hostel, all those things might climb into your gear (and our beds) and then they'd be there too, despite how clean and tidy you obviously are. And we can't really have special rules just for you, it's just not fair. So we can't let anyone at all bring their bedding in. Even you. Sorry. No offence or anything.
5 Our hostel has two attached co-ed dorm rooms. That's no secret. It's what we have. So when you show up and see that you are in one of our two co-ed dorm rooms, please don't tell us you booked a private room. We don't have private rooms -- you didn't book one.  Hey guess what! We DO have private rooms now, so I guess we don't need that rule. Still, if you didn't book it and someone else did, it's not my fault. Don't rain on my parade please. We've had enough rain this Spring....
6 Please don't leave soggy, wet clothes or towels lying on top of your bed .. whether or not you plan to sleep there again tonight. Surprisingly, doing so tends to leave the bedding and mattress soggy & wet.
6(b) Please also don't hang soggy, wet clothes on other people's beds - use your own. And if your soggy, wet clothes start dripping onto the floor, then they need to be wrung out again. There are clothes lines outside, so you could always hang them there.
6(c)  Please also don't lay soggy, wet clothes or towels or shoes directly on the heaters and turn them way up. There's a number of reasons for this - can you think of one? Here, I'll give you some hints: severe fire hazard; severe stink hazard; severe waste of electricity. I'm sure there are more reasons ...
7 Please let us know if you spill something gooey & sticky all over the bedroom floor. Gooey, sticky messes are often a lot easier to clean up when they're fresh! I might be a mum, but I promise not to put you in time out if you spill something. As with all mums, I'm happier when you are honest & upfront about the accident.
8 Please turn off the lights/fan/heat/computer/radio when you leave. Forget about what it costs, it's also a waste of electricity which is bad for the environment.
9 The little slanted drain bit of the dish rack goes over the sink -- this is so the water drips from the dishes, onto the tray and into the sink (and not all over the counter or onto the floor). We actually leave it set up correctly, so if you just don't move it, it will work properly.
10 Please sort garbage as clearly labelled. For example, where it says "PLEASE: ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD" don't read that as "place food here"... or where it says "FOOD ONLY" don't put plastic, or indeed, anything but food. It's all fairly straight-forward -- our kids can sort garbage appropriately. ..oh, and don't worry: this isn't actually our rule - it's a provincial rule. We recycle our garbage in Nova Scotia. It might add 30 seconds onto your daily allotment of throwing-out-garbage time, but it's 30 seconds well spent. Future generations will thank you for it .. as will I, when I am NOT having to re-sort all of your garbage to avoid the exorbitant fines we are charged for mis-sorted garbage.
11. Please don't try to check in before lunch: We haven't finished cleaning yet. Check in time is 4pm or later. And while we're on the subject, please don't check out at 6pm. Please. We understand the need to sleep in (people can't seem to help themselves here: it's so quiet, and our beds are so large & comfy!) but really, if you're checking out today please check out by 10am at the very, very latest. Arrive at 4-ish; depart at 10am-ish. Check in is 4pm or later; check out is 10am or earlier.  (oops - am I repeating myself?).
12. It's really not okay to tell us in the morning that you aren't sure if you're coming back that night or not. We need to know so we can clean the rooms, change the beds, and get ready for any new people who might be coming in. We've got kids and want to get them out of here as soon as possible.
13 13 is an  unlucky number. So let's just not have a rule #13. Instead, you can use this opportunity to get yourself a cup of coffee or tea .. or perhaps have a bathroom break.
14. Please don't cancel your reservation at dinner time, then drive up the driveway after midnight, sneak quietly into the hostel, spend the night, rise early in the morning, coast down the driveway and then drive away without paying. We are late to bed and early to rise. Chances are we'll see you and assume (mistakenly or not) that you are trying to stay in the hostel without paying ..... that's just a silly little thing we'd appreciate people not doing and we will take offence at if you try to do so.
16. The hostel is no smoking. That means no smoking. Not even in the bathroom. Not even in the bathroom with the fan on. Not even in the bathroom with the fan on and all the doors & windows standing open. And, just to be clear, it's no smoking anything at all. Including all illegal substances. Smoking anything whatsoever is not permitted anywhere at all inside the hostel.
17. Please, please oh pleasey-please-please don't leave your toenail or fingernail clippings on the floor. Seriously - it's just plain gross.
18. If you have stayed with us for more than a few nights, it would be really incredibly nice if you didn't get offended when we ask you to pay. I know our hostel is awesome, and it feels just like home - we really are that relaxed around here. But however much it might feel like home, it's a backpacker hostel, and sadly you need to pay to stay here. It's not personal, it's just how we do things around here. I'm pretty sure all the licensed accommodations operate on the same premise: you stay, you pay. Weird, right? If you wanted to plant us a money tree which we can harvest to pay our exorbitant bills, we'll happily accept it and let you stay for nothing.
19. If for any reason you are unhappy with something, please let us know. If for any reason you are incredibly happy about something, please let us know that too. If you feel outlandishly neutral about anything you can tell us that as well. If something's gone wrong we won't know unless you tell us; if something is amazing we can't ensure it continues unless we know about it; if something is neutral we'd like to work on that and see if we can't bring it up into the stupendous range.
20. So, on the computer there is this sign that says "PLEASE don't install, update, or download anything onto this computer" .. or words to that effect. Seriously. Please don't. The computer isn't new. It's just great for checking email and facebook and twitter and whatever else you want to do. Google your way around the Globe. But baby please don't go and install or update. I really don't care how cool the software is, or how you are only trying to help by updating things .. we have the computer equipped with the bare essentials for a reason. If you try to do too much on it, it'll crash. Every time. Just don't. Please. Honestly. I know you know more than me about computers, but don't anyway. Just humour me. Okay? Please? This particular computer and I, we go waaay back. I know him well (notice how he's male? take that as a sign of how incredibly difficult he is. He doesn't just get computer viruses, he gets computer man-cold viruses. 'Nuff said.)
21. Nowhere on this website do we suggest our Halifax shuttle service is free. Nowhere on any website is that suggested. We don't charge a lot, but we do charge - it's how we make our living. In fact, we won't make enough from our shuttle and hostel to pay all of our bills, so we both work at other jobs too. Our Halifax shuttle is NOT free, however much we might wish it was. It is $35 per person if you stay with us for at least three nights - and that's crazy-cakes-cheap for a door-to-door service. But just to be clear here, what those words mean is that if you stay here for at least three nights we will discount your shuttle. So you pay less if you stay with us. For three nights. Sort of one night, then the next night and then the next night. Three nights. Or more.
22. If you want to come and share a bunk, well, that's entirely up to you (I think I've been married too long for that to be at all appealing to me... it just sounds plain uncomfortable, but whatever). HOWEVER, should you choose to do that, you still need to both pay to be here. If we were to start selling one bunk to more than one person and we filled up, we would be over our maximum occupancy. Some hostels squeeze people in, we absolutely do not. We're comfortable and relaxed and we follow all the ridiculous rules the Province and NS Tourism has set up for us. Sorry about that.
23. The door? It's, uh, well, actually, it's on the side of the hostel. Exactly where one might expect to find a door. In a very doorsy sort of place, as it happens. Honestly. To call us and say there isn't any door (when there is, in fact, three doors) is just plain old ludicrous. It's there. I promise. To assist with this problem, however, we will be painting a sign which reads "this is the door".
24. Parking. So.... the hostel sleeps a bunch of folks. Our house also sleeps a bunch of other folks. The driveway comes up a hill, and curves over toward the hostel. Please don't park right in front of the door to our house thereby blocking the area in front of the hostel. Why? Well, for two reasons: one is that by parking there you are making it awkward for anyone else wanting to enter the hostel, or any of us wanting to enter our house. The other reason is that you are also making it awkward for emergency vehicles to get to the hostel, should an emergency take place and emergency vehicles be needed. Which, of course, we hope never ever happens. But how would you feel if the fire department couldn't get to the hostel in time to save your laptop because your darned car was in the way? Bad, sure .. but how much worse when you then find out that our insurance would no longer cover the cost of replacing your laptop and, in fact, would be looking to YOU to cover the cost of replacing not only your own laptop but the entire darned hostel and anything else that got damaged? There is a parking area marked with a sign. Please park there -- it's slightly on the grass, but that's okay. We know the owners and they don't mind. In fact, they prefer it. (.. because .. like .. we are the owners .. and I'm the one being sarcastic about parking choices here)


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Our backpacker hostel in Lunenburg & Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia can be rented like a cottage! New in 2011, you can rent the whole cottage which sleeps up to 11 people. It's close to both Mahone Bay and Lunenburg, as well as plenty of beaches, trails, museums, art galleries, shops and more.