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By foot -- yes, loads of people have hitched here and while we aren't permitted to recommend hitching to anybody (of course!), we're told by the people who have hitched here that Nova Scotia is one of the friendliest places to hitch - surpassed only by Newfoundland!!! Make a sign that says "Mahone Bay" and while you're getting the drive to Mahone Bay, mention that you're actually headed to the hostel in Mader's Cove. If they can't take you themselves, it'll be easy to pick up a lift coming out of Mahone Bay when you get there.
By Car or bike take Highway #103 to Exit 10 for Mahone Bay. As you come off the exit you'll get to a T-junction: turn right and that will take you into Mahone Bay. Pass the 3 churches, the Irving station and you'll come to another intersection more Y-shaped than T-shaped .. there's a monument in the middle of the road. You will turn left there onto Main Street Mahone Bay. Stay on that road and follow the shoreline for 3.5km and you'll get to our hostel, about 100 metres after you leave the water's edge. It's civic number 9466, and there is a large yellow & white sign at the foot of the drive, as well as some sort of flag or other -- at the moment there's Canada and All Blacks flags flying!


By Shuttle  -- Use Kiwi Kaboodle, of course!  The Kiwi Shuttle doesn't operate on a set schedule. If you are coming to the hostel for 3 or more nights, we will pick you up in Halifax (wherever you want: accommodation, restaurant, movie theatre, mall, corner of Spring Garden & Barrington - whatever!) and bring you down here for $35 per person. This has to be pre-arranged, and it is subject to availability. The bulk of Kiwi Kaboodle's business is tours, and if his tour takes him to Cape Breton on the day you want to come down, then he won't be available to pick you up... or if he'll be in Halifax at 10am he can get you then ... or 10pm, he'll get you then. Just restating the obvious here: pre-booking is essential!

There are other regular set-schedule shuttles operating between Halifax and Yarmouth if that's what you prefer, and any of those can bring you here: Campbell's Shuttle, Amero Shuttle and Cloud Nine Shuttle. They all head from Yarmouth to Halifax in the morning, and come back in the evening.


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Our backpacker hostel in Lunenburg & Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia can be rented like a cottage! New in 2011, you can rent the whole cottage which sleeps up to 11 people. It's close to both Mahone Bay and Lunenburg, as well as plenty of beaches, trails, museums, art galleries, shops and more.