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Idadi Mbili

So, Festivals hey? There are one or two happening here. If I take 25 seconds to think I’ll come up with a dozen or so.

For many, many years Mahone Bay hosted the Wooden Boat Festival. In 2006 they decided to change the name to the Mahone Bay Classic Boat Festival to “better reflect the community’s seacoast heritage”. Finally (finally? We don’t know yet I guess) it changed its name once more, in 2010 to the Mahone Bay Pirate Festival. How fitting! A great idea, I reckon, but I’ll be chatting about that more on another day.

In 2011 Lunenburg picked up where Mahone Bay left off, and they are hosting the Lunenburg Wooden Boat Reunion on 23 & 24 July, 2011. And how remarkably fitting, with three (count them: one, two, three) wooden boats currently being built on the Lunenburg waterfront!

With the Bluenose II rebuild happening in the background, you will have the opportunity to watch traditional sloops and schooners race … to watch the parade of sail … board several of the schooners … meet the skippers … incredible, right? But wait: there’s more!

The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic is one of the major sponsors of this event (the “key” sponsor, I do believe), and they are turning it from an incredible event to a spectacular one, providing musical entertainment, storytelling, children’s activities, demonstrations by marine artisans of boatbuilding, model making, sail making, wire splicing, casting and rope work … Great Scott! The list just goes on and on! Seriously, there is too much to list without just copying it all word-for-word from their facebook site. So why don’t you just go there and read about it … and while you’re reading about it check out of some of the photos of the awe inspiring wooden boats which will be making an appearance during the Festival. Sweet. Here it is: http://www.facebook.com/LunenburgWoodenBoatReunion?sk=wall#!/LunenburgWoodenBoatReunion?sk=info

Wow. Long name, amazing results (ha! see? that’s a local joke that is … get it? Anyone? Hello?? I know you’re there, I can hear you breathing…)

Anyway, as I’ve said mony’a time before, there is so much here for you to plunge yourself into! I’m not entirely sure why people are being directed elsewhere, I guess because the rest of the province knows once you land your feet here and start looking around you’ll just want to spend your whole time here. So break the mold, why don’t you? Come here first: Your experiences will be unique. Uniquely Nova Scotian. Try it .. you’ll like it.


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Pirates and the like…

So we have a Pirate Festival in Mahone Bay every year. It was once the Wooden Boat Festival, then the Classic Boat Festival and finally the Pirate Festival… I think it will stay Piratey. It’s awesome – pirates wandering through town always happy to pose for a photo, and a plethora of activites for everyone, young and old: crafts, storytellers, lots & lots of live music, boating, races, crafters, face painting, oh my heavens this list just won’t end. It’s awesome and I highly recommend it.

Why Pirates, you might find yourself asking. Well, it’s kinda cool. This part of Nova Scotia was once a thriving pirate port! Struth! Rum runners galore, of course, but pirates too. Nice, deep, hidden harbours. Surely you’ve heard of Oak Island? ’nuff said. So, in June of 1917 a pirate ship called The Teazer was being chased down by the ‘good guys’ (five shipsfull of British ‘good guys’) and, well, to make a long story short, it ended up exploding most spectacularly. The ship’s first Lieutenant had apparnetly set fire to her to prevent her from being captured, but the fire had reached the powder magazine before the crew could escape. Only eight of the ship’s 36-man crew survived, and most were horribly maimed. Some of the men who died were buried in St. Stephen’s cemetery in Chester. When the moon is nearly full and a fog blows in from offshore, many residents maintain that a ghostly Teaser replays her last voyage across Mahone Bay…. and certainly on the last night of the Pirate Festival, two ships venture out onto the Bay and replay the scene .. ending with a spectacular display of fireworks.

Awesome, no?