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♥ Happy 258th Birthday Lunenburg ♥

Well a huge happy birthday to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Town! The celebrations will be fairly quiet this year – they will be held at the Lunenburg Academy.

What is the Lunenburg Academy? Glad you asked. The Academy is the stunning castle which overlooks the whole town, and it has been the town’s elementary school for many, many years .. since 1894, actually.

Next year it will be closing its doors and a new school will be opening up: the Bluenose Academy – my three children will be attending. It will be three schools combined (the original Lunenburg Academy, Riverport Elementary and Centre Consolidated), and while everyone is very excited with this new & modern school is coming to town, it’s also very sad because the beautiful Academy will be closing its doors as a school —– not closing its doors permanently, though. Such a beautiful building cannot be left to stand empty and slowly deteriorate (the poor ghosts will get so lonely!). Nobody knows for sure what the plans for the school are yet, but there are lots of things being talked about. Personally, I’m hoping it will be set up as a year-round Farmers Market and Art Studio/Gallery, with a museum of the town on one floor, and a museum of the school on another.

So Happy Birthday Lunenburg …. I’m so glad I’ve become such a part of you!!

Good Day for a Bluenose

So we’ve woken up to another grey day, but with promises of sunshine this afternoon. What a perfect day to head on into Lunenburg and check out the awesome Fisheries Museum (my family and I actually have a family season pass because we go so often and still keep on loving it) … and for a once in a lifetime experience, walk down the waterfront and actually visit the site where the Bluenose is being rebuilt. Yup, that’s right, the Bluenose is that ship that appears on our dime, and it’s being rebuilt right here in Lunenburg. Here are links to the webcams fyi http://www.novascotiawebcams.com/south-shore/bluenose-ii-stern-view.html and http://www.novascotiawebcams.com/south-shore/bluenose-ii-stern-view.html. You’ll never get to see this again – history in the making!! And once the sun comes out what better place to be than strolling the streets of Lunenburg – a UNESCO World Heritage Town. Awesome!