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Another Glorious Day

Well there’s really nothing you can complain about when the sun is shining and there’s a constant gentle breeze which stops you from over heating. It’s just awesome here in Mahone Bay/Lunenburg .. all of Nova Scotia in fact – I can’t imagine why you haven’t come yet!

A trip to Westhaver’s Beach was in order – it’s only 1km from the backpacker hostel, and while it isn’t the soft sandy beaches which are most often found in this area, it’s still great for swimming … and better yet, perfect for beach treasures. Lots of gorgeous rocks (if you’re a rock-a-holic, as I am), shells and beach glass. Once we even found a perfect stainless steel hotdog skewer for roasting hotdogs over an open fire. The plan is to return one night for a beach bonfire, and I’m not lying when I say I simply cannot wait.

The hostel is quieter again once more … Lucky Fawn came down and within five days had found herself a fulltime job and an apartment. Now we just need someone to come and find a fulltime job and agree to stay on as our volunteer — free bed in exchange for cleaning the hostel. Awesome deal … you get to keep all your wages!

♫T’ik o’ fog, T’ik o’ fog, this North Atlantic weather isn’t fit for man nor dog ♪

So keeping up with the traditions of the season, it’s a very foggy morning, but it’ll all burn off and turn into a lovely day. Sunday is a day a rest, right? NO WAY! Not around here. Leaves and flowers are bursting out all over, so why sit inside somewhere? Get out and enjoy Lunenburg and Mahone Bay in all it’s newly sprung glory. Today a drive to Hirtle’s Beach is in order. Hirtle’s Beach is what they call a ‘living beach’ with the sand coming and going each year. Yes, I’m serious. Some days you’ll go and the beach is nothing but the smoothest, most gorgeous rocks you’ll ever see, ranging in size from a thumbnail to a fist. Go back a week later, and it’s all smooth & gorgeous sand. Incredible! But that’s not the best part ….. you walk down that beach heading to your right (sorry, I’m not a NSEW kinda girl) and follow the path up the side of the cliff, and go on and hike Gaff’s Point. Wow – amazing. Gorgeous walks through forrest, barren fields, craggy rocklined cliffs .. and gorgous views of the ocean where you can actually, honestly, (although most definitely not every day) see whales playing in the ocean. Truth. So as much as I’m urging you to go today, you actually need to come back again when the waters are warmer (say August/September) and come watch the whales.

The hostel had a few empty beds last night! Disastrous!! Not at all – a really nice couple turned up on their motorbike as the day drew to an end, and they made an awesome addition to the group already out there. Sat out and had a few beers while dodging the june bugs (man! what’s up with all the june bugs this year?). Nova Scotia in the spring .. what could be better? Except, perhaps, Nova Scotia in the Summer, Autumn and Winter .. depending on your favorite season!