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Hey! How cool

So the Old Fish Factory, a restaurant/bar in Lunenburg, is starting something new this year: every Wednesday night they’ll be hosting the Alexander Keith’s Kitchen Ceilidh starting June 15th 930-1130pm!

How very cool is that? I’ll definitely be there — what about you?

(oh – and for those of you know don’t know: Alexander Keith was a brew master … a great Nova Scotian pale ale well-worth trying. “Those who like it, like it a lot”)

Lunenburg Itself

So I’ve told you a bit about the beautiful places around me, but I haven’t said much about Lunenburg itself. Have you heard of it? Old Town Lunenburg was first designated as a National Historic District by the Federal government in 1992, and then in 1995, an even greater honour was bestowed upon Lunenburg when “Old Town” Lunenburg was added to the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage List.

It’s famous for its architecture, its old buildings, its rich and abundant artistic and musical talent .. and so much more! Museums, art galleries, a plethora of little shops selling locally made and/or imported items to call your name and return home with you to help you forever remember your visit to this very unique and beautiful spot in Nova Scotia.

Hmmm… tomorrow I might talk about Mahone Bay and its ghost ship…