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So you want to know what to do THIS weekend??

Man. So, Lunenburg is a pretty quiet town, right? That’s something I truly love about it. I love walking into a grocery store and having Bryan say “Hey, Trudi – we’ve got more cucumbers for Mitchell” or when I go to the library “Trudi! Shani’s books are here”. Or how about randomly on the street “You’re Trudi-Jacqui-With-The-Awesome-Hair’s-Mum, right?”. It rocks. I don’t want to be invisible, and I’m not here. Cool. But this weekend? This weekend is jam packed with stuff.

First is the Lunenburg Festival of Crafts. There are incredible artists all there .. in the community centre .. selling all their beautiful wares. An amazing selection of whatever it happens to be that you’r e interested in. You really can’t go and not spend some money .. or at least mourne over the fact that you can’t spend money (that’s kind of where I’m sitting at the moment).

Pardon me? Artsy craftsy really isn’t your style? First, let me say you have NO idea what you’re saying. But then allow me to delve further into Lunenburg’s goings on this upcoming weekend (yup – there’s just enough time for you to plan a trip down – bus it, hitchhike it, shuttle it, bike it .. cyclists get 10% off at Kip & Kaboodle, did you know that? S’truth. Our hostel rocks).

There is also, this very weekend, the Lunenburg Street Festival. Jenna Barry – oooooh, a voice like Irish Cream on a cold winter’s night. And she’s just ONE of the many performers. Slow Cooking Cover, String Fever, Pat Watson, Eilidh & Paul … the list goes on and on. Buskers too, of course. Food, music, art … bargains galore.

Ah … I love where I live. Why don’t you come and get a little taste of it? It’ll melt in your mouth.

Hidden Gem’s? We gottem!!

So today I went to the Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct with my family, and it’s just incredible! I had only been there once before, and now I wonder what’s been keeping me away.

Only a hop skip & a jump from Liverpool, Nova Scotia (which is also worth a look, btw).

It is also fantastically unadvertised. Why, when you have such a beautiful piece of protected parkland, would you not scream it out to the world? “COME ONE AND ALL! Come see nesting grounds of the protected Piping Plover! Come climb on rocks, hike a super-easy hike through the woods (our 4-year old did it with no help) and get to the softer-than-soft white sand beaches. The amazing flowers and plantlife are actually quite breathtaking. And the seals shlumpfing along the rocks a stone’s throw away are also kind of neat to see.

Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct. You’ve really got to go there — you can camp there, there’s an awesome camping ground. You can go for the day — it’s only about an hour from our backpacker lodge (nudge-nudge wink-wink) … so about two hours from Halifax. But it’s worth it, man. You will NOT be sorry.

Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct. It’s worth a second look. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.