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Two posts in one day??? How unruly of me!!

Yes indeed, two in one day. I just couldn’t help myself.

Suprima Farms Organic Sweet Apple Cider.

Oh my heavens. One sip is like biting into a delicious Annapolis Valley apple… and not just any old Annapolis Valley apple, but an organic one. This stuff is totally awesome and totally non-alcoholic. There is no way I can truly let you know how delicious this is. Coming to the hostel? Coming to Lunenburg at all? You have to come on a Thursday and go to the Farmers’ Market and try some of this juice. It’s like heaven in a glass .. if you apples, that is. I guess if you don’t like delicious apples then it would as terribly far removed from heaven as you could possibly get….. because this cider has the taste of some seriously delicious apples.

Pitter pat little April – uh – June showers

The spring might be a wet one this year, but it’s also gloriously green and lush. As I drive down the treelined roadways here in Lunenburg County I never cease to be amazed at how many colours of green there are. Truly. Whoever thought of making the green spectrum endless was a remarkable mind indeed.

However, as the song goes, it’s not easy being green … even I am starting to struggle at finding ways to look on the brighter side of a cloudy day when the clouds seem to incredibly thick!

Today I am going to head out to the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market and get some of those delicious fish cakes, some freshly baked bread, maybe some local organic meat and some veg … top the day off with a taste at the Ironworks Distillery booth (yup – free tastings yipee!!) and maybe a new mug from Anne Shupe to celebrate the ending of another year at Bright Stars Children Centre (my day job during the school year: best preschool in Lunenburg .. best preschool in the country (at least in my own opinion and the opinions of the kids who go there! … http://brightstars-lunenburg.com/)

Hope your day will be as awesome as mine despite the rain … and if it isn’t, then I think it’s a sign you need to head down to our little hostel between Mahone Bay & Lunenburg and spend a few days living here among the beauty I get to enjoy every day)