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Folkart Festival (not to be confused with Folk Festival!)

So there are a huge number of festivals and events coming up in the near future, and I intend to chat a wee bit about each one. In no particular order … except that I’ll do my darndest to chat about it before it actually happens.

So the Folkart Festiva is one which happens in Lunenburg on 31 July 2011. There are over 50 artists from around Nova Scotia with their work on display for purchase, along with a big art auction and special exhibits. If you like art (and MAN do I love art … particularly folkart) you need to come have a look. Where else will you find such a huge collection of Nova Scotian art to view and purchase? Doug Dorkin, William Roach, Barry Colpitts to name but a few. The list goes on and on, with several brand new artists displaying their work this year: Joan Bent, Real Lachance, Fabienne Leydecker, Ronald Margeson, Carol Rogers, Ashley Slauenwhite & Carla Zwicker. Man alive! Go to their website, why don’t you, and check out the complete listing of all the artists there. Really, if you consider yourself to be someone interested at all in art of any sort you need to visit this.

Where better to view all this art than in the architecturally fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia! Wow – check out the art, then stroll the waterfront and see real, honest-to-goodness fisherman working harder than hard for their living while you are on your way to see the Bluenose II being rebuilt. Yes, you heard right! The Bluenose II is being rebuilt. Right here. Right now. Like, as I type they are doing the work. And you know what? When you’re done there why not stroll on up to the Band Rotunda for live music every Sunday … July 31st? It just happens to be a Sunday. :)

City? Schmitty. Head down this way and really see some of Nova Scotia.