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Farmers’ Markets, did you say?

Yes, there is another Farmers Market today .. this one is in Bridgewater, which is just 20 minutes down the road. One of the greatest potters is there: Anne Shupe. I love her pottery and have so much of it in my cupboards …. wish I had more! And while you’re in Bridgewater, there’s lots to do so you might as well make a day of it! Des Brisay museum, Wile E. Carding museum, all sorts of unique little shops, plus all the big stores to stock up if you’re needing a big chain store or a fastfood restaurant (we don’t have those in Mahone Bay or Lunenburg! Truth!!!). There are beds available in the backpackers hostel tonight, so come on down to Mahone Bay & Lunenburg. Watch this blog too – the decision was made to make special incredible offers here and here only — special free code word to make you eligible… (one way to see if anyone is actually reading this blog!!)

Thursday is Farmer’s Market Day in Lunenburg!!

Every Thursday in Lunenburg there’s the awesomest little Farmer’s Market outside of Halifax. We have everything from local organic grain-fed beef, lamb and chicken (and I was actually there on their farm yesterday with my 4-year old son and his preschool class – awesome!!), to locally grown veggies, fresh-baked bread and goodies, plus all sorts of great items from local artisans: incredible leather shoes & sandals (bought myself a pair last summer as my last pair of sandals purchased from this very lady died. How long did they last?, you might ask? Not long … only 24 years .. yup, 24 years. And had I actually taken better care of them in my youth they would have lasted longer .. uh-oh, I think I’m dating myself :) ) ). There are paintings, fresh flowers & herbs .. oh my, oh my. I can’t list everything. It’s at the Lunenburg Rec Centre just near the tennis club and the Bluenose Academy (yup – not only is the Bluenose being built, but the Bluenose Academy is being built as well … a flashy new k-6 school). In the summer months it moves outdoors and there’s live music as well! Whether you stay with us in our little backpackers hostel or not, the Farmers Market is a definite place to be!!