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numerus quattuor: Zee Beeg Exe

… less of a festival, and more of a right of passage, the South Shore Exhibition is something I have heard people talk about since I was a child. I went to Camp Mush-A-Mush for a week each summer, and all the kids from down Lunenburg way all talked about The Big Ex and it sounded so exotic.

Now that I live here it is a yearly tradition¬†for me and my children. The six day event is packed chock full of every kind of country fun you can possibly imagine. Starting with a big street parade on Tuesday (yikes! today!!) at 6pm (hey: and this parade? It gives out free candy .. yahoo! Who (but a like-minded parent) doesn’t want loads of free candy?

But that’s not all. Oh no, that’s not all at all. Live music up the ying yang; barrel races; strong man competition; oxen and horse pulls; steer riding rodeo; oh my heavens there’s even more! There’s the small petting barn; the 4H barn where you can view loads of animals and projects prepared or reared (depending on what you’re looking at) by local kids. [Our eldest daughter, Shani, won first prize last year for a papier mache bowl she made. She's not entering this year, but there are loads of other kids entering their beautiful projects and they're well worth seeing.] But wait! There is still more!!! Dora the Explorer is apparently coming to visit. And there’s still the rides .. oh my, who can forget the rides? All the awesome rides with the game guys trying to get you to spend your money on games which ‘ga-run-tee a winnah every time’. There’s snow cones, popcorn, ice cream, pizza, hotdog & fries, cowboy hats, craft tables .. on and on and on. It’s something unlike any of the big city events you’ve been to, and I politely suggest you stop by and check things out. From our little hostel it is only a 20 minute drive — and if you don’t choose backpacking as a place to lay your head at night (but if you don’t .. why don’t you? Check it out – sleep in total comfort with good people for very little money) there are plenty of other choices for accommodation down here in Mahone Bay and Lunenburg.

Come one, come all .. you’ll have the time of your life …. or at least the time of your visit to Nova Scotia.

Farmers’ Markets, did you say?

Yes, there is another Farmers Market today .. this one is in Bridgewater, which is just 20 minutes down the road. One of the greatest potters is there: Anne Shupe. I love her pottery and have so much of it in my cupboards …. wish I had more! And while you’re in Bridgewater, there’s lots to do so you might as well make a day of it! Des Brisay museum, Wile E. Carding museum, all sorts of unique little shops, plus all the big stores to stock up if you’re needing a big chain store or a fastfood restaurant (we don’t have those in Mahone Bay or Lunenburg! Truth!!!). There are beds available in the backpackers hostel tonight, so come on down to Mahone Bay & Lunenburg. Watch this blog too – the decision was made to make special incredible offers here and here only — special free code word to make you eligible… (one way to see if anyone is actually reading this blog!!)