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Lunenburg’s Bluenose Academy

A piece of Lunenburg's History

The foyer in the new Bluenose Academy in Lunenburg

Over the past year things have been pretty darned busy around Lunenburg Nova Scotia. Why? Well, once upon a time there were four schools teaching the children of the Town of Lunenburg and surrounding areas: The very famous Lunenburg Academy (P-5), Riverport Elementary School (P-6), Centre Consolidated (P-9) and Lunenburg Junior Senior High School (6-12). Over the past couple of years these schools have amalgamated, and a brand new modern school was built in Lunenburg to house the P-9 kids. The cool thing about the school is that the kids were able to have some input into the whole project: the school’s name, the mosaic on the floor in the entranceway (which I helped to build .. how very, very cool it was to be included on that project – I enjoyed every minute of it!), each student in P-9 that was enrolled in the schools while the mosaic was being built also had an opportunity to lay some of the tiles as well. They picked the school colours, the school’s mascot .. they are currently designing Bluenose Academy anti-bullying t-shirts. So the kids have been very involved. Sadly, they didn’t get to pick its location – the one real bone of contention… well, the only bone of contention that nothing can be done about … the other bones that come with any huge big sweeping change like this are quickly composting, and will soon be sprouting fresh, new, happy life.

The school itself is unlike anything on the South Shore. Very modern, very green .. and by that I don’t mean the colour green, I mean enrivonmentally friendly. Lights that turn off automatically if there is no movement in a room for 15 minutes (or some similar amount of time); toilets that use recycled rainwater; green (and this time I DO mean the colour .. grassy) roofs … as well as all the modern computerised equipment you can imagine in each classroom. Even entering the building is a modern big city rigamarole, which we aren’t really used to around here, being quiet, lazy Lunenburg. But we parents are quickly adapting.

The playground is open even to kids who do not attend the school (after school hours anyway), which is very cool because the playground is very cool indeed. It looks quite skeletal – like the skeleton of a huge stegasaurus .. or so says a young expert around here that anyone who knows ME will also know.

The reason I want to write about the school is because everyone has this idea about Lunenburg: slow, sleepy Lunenburg, where pedestrians have the right-of-way and shops close early so everyone (EVERYONE) can enjoy the gorgeous evenings and entertainment, steeping themselves slowly in the folklore that is dripping from the buildings, the trees – the very air they’re breathing. But in the midst of this step-back-in-time is a truly modern, top notch facility which is educating our children at a level at par or better than many schools in the modern cities around the world.

Yes, Lunenburg’s got it all.

♥ Happy 258th Birthday Lunenburg ♥

Well a huge happy birthday to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Town! The celebrations will be fairly quiet this year – they will be held at the Lunenburg Academy.

What is the Lunenburg Academy? Glad you asked. The Academy is the stunning castle which overlooks the whole town, and it has been the town’s elementary school for many, many years .. since 1894, actually.

Next year it will be closing its doors and a new school will be opening up: the Bluenose Academy – my three children will be attending. It will be three schools combined (the original Lunenburg Academy, Riverport Elementary and Centre Consolidated), and while everyone is very excited with this new & modern school is coming to town, it’s also very sad because the beautiful Academy will be closing its doors as a school —– not closing its doors permanently, though. Such a beautiful building cannot be left to stand empty and slowly deteriorate (the poor ghosts will get so lonely!). Nobody knows for sure what the plans for the school are yet, but there are lots of things being talked about. Personally, I’m hoping it will be set up as a year-round Farmers Market and Art Studio/Gallery, with a museum of the town on one floor, and a museum of the school on another.

So Happy Birthday Lunenburg …. I’m so glad I’ve become such a part of you!!

Thursday is Farmer’s Market Day in Lunenburg!!

Every Thursday in Lunenburg there’s the awesomest little Farmer’s Market outside of Halifax. We have everything from local organic grain-fed beef, lamb and chicken (and I was actually there on their farm yesterday with my 4-year old son and his preschool class – awesome!!), to locally grown veggies, fresh-baked bread and goodies, plus all sorts of great items from local artisans: incredible leather shoes & sandals (bought myself a pair last summer as my last pair of sandals purchased from this very lady died. How long did they last?, you might ask? Not long … only 24 years .. yup, 24 years. And had I actually taken better care of them in my youth they would have lasted longer .. uh-oh, I think I’m dating myself :) ) ). There are paintings, fresh flowers & herbs .. oh my, oh my. I can’t list everything. It’s at the Lunenburg Rec Centre just near the tennis club and the Bluenose Academy (yup – not only is the Bluenose being built, but the Bluenose Academy is being built as well … a flashy new k-6 school). In the summer months it moves outdoors and there’s live music as well! Whether you stay with us in our little backpackers hostel or not, the Farmers Market is a definite place to be!!