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Let’s add some colour here

So two photos: one of the Picton Castle as it arrived on Saturday (isn’t she a beautiful ship?) and the other is one of my daughter’s welcoming summer — yahoo!!

It’s the first full day of summer, and Nova Scotia is making sure we all know it! Another absolutely stunning day. Come on down, visit one of our beaches or if that’s too natural for your taste then go for a swim in one of the many indoor or outdoor pools we have in our area.

We sat up late last night at the picnic tables out in front of the backpackers hostel and have a few beers — listening to the last of the spring peepers (there’s still one or two male frogs out there hoping to get lucky before the heat sets in) and the owls .. lovely. Come join us … why sit in the busy sitting breathing in pollution when you can be here breathing in fresh sea air? Ahhhhhh … I love where I live ♥

Hey! How cool

So the Old Fish Factory, a restaurant/bar in Lunenburg, is starting something new this year: every Wednesday night they’ll be hosting the Alexander Keith’s Kitchen Ceilidh starting June 15th 930-1130pm!

How very cool is that? I’ll definitely be there — what about you?

(oh – and for those of you know don’t know: Alexander Keith was a brew master … a great Nova Scotian pale ale well-worth trying. “Those who like it, like it a lot”)