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Forest Today, I think

So I’ve mentioned the beaches a few times already, and I know I’ll talk more about them later this summer when I’m going there with the kids, and the hostel is handing out all the different maps we’ve created with “stop-offs” and “can’t-miss” and “worth seeing on a good day” along the way.

Today I reckon we’ll chat just briefly about the trail that connects Mahone Bay to Lunenburg. There’s a lovely trail that runs along through the woods, past streams & small lakes, and it goes from Mahone Bay to Lunenburg. In fact, if you get on this trail and make a few opportune turns, you’ll end up in British Columbia (NOT a day trip.. ha) … it’s true: this trail connects with the Trans Canada Trail. At one stage this trail was a railway, but the tracks were torn up and now it’s a lovely little trail. Walk it, jog it, bike it … it’s a great way to get from here to there. Peace, tranquility. Lady slippers (endangered flowers, but you’ll come upon them along the trail … hurry – their season is nearly up, as is their existance), deer, bunnies .. oh, what Nova Scotian wildlife are you interested in? You’ll probably see it.

So there’s something else I’d highly recommend. And guess what: are you staying in Halifax? We’ll bring you a bike, and you can cycle all the way along the trail from Halifax (well, Clayton Park) to us.. how does that sound???

Sand Dollars .. not worth much on the forex

Sand Dollar Beach is a little small beach in Rose Bay (the scenic route to Bridgewater … we went this way the other day when we took the cable ferry, remember?). It’s only minutes from Lunenburg. Sand Dollar Beach offers a spectacular opportunity for strolling along the shoreline and collecting sand dollars as well as other sea treasures.

This shallow sand bar gets completely covered by the ocean at high tide, but as the water recedes, beautiful little treasures show themselves – peak out from under the sand. They’re there for you to collect. Sand dollars don’t even seem like sand dollars – little small white circles, and then when you dig a little the whole shell emerges. Keep them whole or carefully break them open to see the three sets of angel’s wings hidden inside.

Finding your own sand dollars:

Start your search at low tide- The lower the tide, the better chance you have of finding perfect sand dollars.
Collect only dead sand dollars please — they are mostly white (sometimes with pinks or purples mixed in) and smooth.
Live sand dollars are brown and fuzzy.

Today is such and inCREDibly beautiful day I think sand dollar beach is the way to go. When you’re done come and stop by the hostel… we’re always happy to have you, and if there’s no room we’ll help you find somewhere suitable that does have room!

Another Glorious Day

Well there’s really nothing you can complain about when the sun is shining and there’s a constant gentle breeze which stops you from over heating. It’s just awesome here in Mahone Bay/Lunenburg .. all of Nova Scotia in fact – I can’t imagine why you haven’t come yet!

A trip to Westhaver’s Beach was in order – it’s only 1km from the backpacker hostel, and while it isn’t the soft sandy beaches which are most often found in this area, it’s still great for swimming … and better yet, perfect for beach treasures. Lots of gorgeous rocks (if you’re a rock-a-holic, as I am), shells and beach glass. Once we even found a perfect stainless steel hotdog skewer for roasting hotdogs over an open fire. The plan is to return one night for a beach bonfire, and I’m not lying when I say I simply cannot wait.

The hostel is quieter again once more … Lucky Fawn came down and within five days had found herself a fulltime job and an apartment. Now we just need someone to come and find a fulltime job and agree to stay on as our volunteer — free bed in exchange for cleaning the hostel. Awesome deal … you get to keep all your wages!

What to do on a gorgeous day like this?

It’s true – the day is completely gorgeous. A real stunner. And here I sit, writing you a quick note before I go for a full day’s work, trying to decide what I would do if I were you, waking up in our hostel on this glorious morning.

Today I’m thinking heading out Riverport way .. what do you think? Ah, it’s such a gorgeous drive, following the LaHave River past all the quaint little villages and communities .. but hey! What’s this on our left? Why, it’s the LaHave River Cable Ferry! Awesome! So let’s get on that old lady and take her across the river to The Other Side. The ferry ride is inexpensive, quick and also quite unique – there aren’t many other cable ferries still in operation these days.

Once you reach the other side of the LaHave River (and remember .. it’s pronounced with a hard ‘A’, not a soft ‘A’ .. forget the word have, because it entirely different from LaHave … bah – I’m sure all of us could go on at length about the way people mispronounce our names or communities which surround us … hey: maybe that could be the blog one day: how to properly pronounce all the often mispronounced names of Nova Scotia haha) ……….. so where was I? Ah yes, so we’ve crossed the LaHave on the cable ferry and now we’ll turn left as we drive off the ferry. A hop, skip & a jump up the road is the LaHave Bakery which I highly, highly recommend as a place to stop off and pick up your picnic lunch, as well as some supplies for your dinner tonight. Their breads, pastries, pizzas … their everything is absolutely delicious and baked there on site. There was once a hostel in operation over it, actually, but I believe the whole licensing issues were too difficult to comply with (it’s not easy for hostels in Nova Scotia!). But downstairs is a cooperative artisans market, where you’ll find some remarkable art for sale from the artisans themselves — if you sell your work there, you take a turn working. How cool. I am a particularly huge fan of Rumpelstiltskins (I’m a terrible speller … I’ll bet I got that wrong…) – anyway, she makes mindblowing masks and characters from molded leather — I can’t really explain in words what she does. You’ll have to Google her – try Nova Scotia Rumplestiltskins. Her work is incredible, and I wish I owned some of her work, which I don’t. Sad me.

Oh dear, off track again. So when you’re finished in the bakery and the artisan market, keep heading in that same direction for a good 10 kms or more .. on the right you’ll come to Crescent Beach – a long & lean white sanded beach, great for a gentle stroll and a bit of splashing your feet in the water. Great, too, if you have a dog. Then just a wee bit further up the road you’ll see the first sign for Risser’s Beach, which is one of our favorites. There’s a big parking lot off to the right, and then you can either walk to the back of the parking lot and follow the path under the highway, or just cross the street at the beginning of the parking lot and get to the beach there, across the road. The beach goes on for quite a long white, and there’s always plenty of stunning shells to add to your collection. Sand dollars galore on a good day. I’m not sure if the canteen is open yet or not, but it’s always great when it is so you can get an ice cream or some fries before heading back to town. The sand is great for building sand castles (and we all know not all sand is, so this is actually an important thing to note!), or for laying back and relaxing and catching a few rays if that’s your thing. The waves here after often quite big and just perfect for body surfing (although actual surfing? Not so much..).

Are you glad you came with me? It was an awesome day, wasn’t it….

♫T’ik o’ fog, T’ik o’ fog, this North Atlantic weather isn’t fit for man nor dog ♪

So keeping up with the traditions of the season, it’s a very foggy morning, but it’ll all burn off and turn into a lovely day. Sunday is a day a rest, right? NO WAY! Not around here. Leaves and flowers are bursting out all over, so why sit inside somewhere? Get out and enjoy Lunenburg and Mahone Bay in all it’s newly sprung glory. Today a drive to Hirtle’s Beach is in order. Hirtle’s Beach is what they call a ‘living beach’ with the sand coming and going each year. Yes, I’m serious. Some days you’ll go and the beach is nothing but the smoothest, most gorgeous rocks you’ll ever see, ranging in size from a thumbnail to a fist. Go back a week later, and it’s all smooth & gorgeous sand. Incredible! But that’s not the best part ….. you walk down that beach heading to your right (sorry, I’m not a NSEW kinda girl) and follow the path up the side of the cliff, and go on and hike Gaff’s Point. Wow – amazing. Gorgeous walks through forrest, barren fields, craggy rocklined cliffs .. and gorgous views of the ocean where you can actually, honestly, (although most definitely not every day) see whales playing in the ocean. Truth. So as much as I’m urging you to go today, you actually need to come back again when the waters are warmer (say August/September) and come watch the whales.

The hostel had a few empty beds last night! Disastrous!! Not at all – a really nice couple turned up on their motorbike as the day drew to an end, and they made an awesome addition to the group already out there. Sat out and had a few beers while dodging the june bugs (man! what’s up with all the june bugs this year?). Nova Scotia in the spring .. what could be better? Except, perhaps, Nova Scotia in the Summer, Autumn and Winter .. depending on your favorite season!