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School’s Cancelled!!!

Wow – this morning’s chat is later than usual … so was my morning coffee. Last night we had the most rip-snortingest thunder storm ever! Seriously!! We watched it slowly come to us from the NorthWest, with the sky lighting up like fireworks – still no sound, just the lights. Then, ever-so-slowly, it made it’s way to us and kaPOW, man, that was seriously a serious lightning storm! Outrageous. And the power went out for hours & hours, which is why this chat is so late.

My youngest son’s best buddy’s dad runs the local grocery store, and they invited my 3 kids to come and play hide-and-go-seek in the pitch dark grocery store with flashlights — how cool is that??? Save Easy Lunenburg – thank you so much, my kids had a blast!
Afterward we went to the Lunenburg Farmer’s Market and listened to some live music, drooled over all the yummy food and Anne Shupe’s pottery (I know: I already told you how much I love her work… but it’s worth repeating).

So now I can finally enjoy my morning cup of coffee and get on with my day … why not come down to Lunenburg for a few days and enjoy this gorgeous weather!!

New Season 2011

Well, new season, new website! Even starting a blog, which is something else that is quite new. My intentions are to come on here every day and let you all know what’s happening in our little corner of Nova Scotia – Mahone Bay/Lunenburg. If the rain ever lets up I’ll regale you with stories of the utter beauty surrounding us at our backpackers hostel … but for now we’ll be content with gray skies and an abundant well. May has been fairly busy in the hostel – I hope that’s a sign of things to come for the year!! And how cool for Kim to show up and get a private room at a dorm-room rate just because I felt like she should!!