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Market on the Mersey

So how about this for something different:
Head into Liverpool today and stop at the Market on the Mersey – a new market which will be each and every Monday all summer (wow – what a great way to start the week!). Get all your needs & desires and then visit some of the unique museums there … seriously bizarre to the seriously amazing. Check out the whole scene – what a lovely town it is. Then head back and stay in the backpackers hostel, stopping en route to pick up a few live lobsters from a local fisherman, a french stick, some butter & lemon from the Lunenburg Save Easy and a bottle of wine or two from the NSLC. Have your first class lobster boil right here at the hostel, where we have all the gear you need to cook and eat the little guy, and it won’t cost you the absolutel fortune that you’d have to pay in a restaurant.

Seriously, this area is heaven. All aboard!!


Farmers’ Markets, did you say?

Yes, there is another Farmers Market today .. this one is in Bridgewater, which is just 20 minutes down the road. One of the greatest potters is there: Anne Shupe. I love her pottery and have so much of it in my cupboards …. wish I had more! And while you’re in Bridgewater, there’s lots to do so you might as well make a day of it! Des Brisay museum, Wile E. Carding museum, all sorts of unique little shops, plus all the big stores to stock up if you’re needing a big chain store or a fastfood restaurant (we don’t have those in Mahone Bay or Lunenburg! Truth!!!). There are beds available in the backpackers hostel tonight, so come on down to Mahone Bay & Lunenburg. Watch this blog too – the decision was made to make special incredible offers here and here only — special free code word to make you eligible… (one way to see if anyone is actually reading this blog!!)