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Let’s stir up some waves today

So the pool is still an awesome place to be, but today it is so scorchingly hot (it’s not yet the hottest time of the day, and already it’s just over 30 degrees celsius (90 farenheit) in the shade!) Phew!! Anyway, today I think the beach is calling my name. It can’t be the loons, after all, because they don’t sing their song in the heat of the day, do they! There are so many beaches to choose from in this area, as I have mentioned before. It depends entirely on what you’re looking for in a beach. If you need suggestions, email us and ask … we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

Today I’m talking a bit about Bachman’s Beach. It’s in Second Peninsula – only a hop, skip & a jump away from our hostel. The beach is long and sandy … not the sand-castle-building sand, though. It’s a rougher kind of sand that’s great for lying on and playing in — just don’t get your hopes up for creating one of those marvelous sand castle sculptures you’ll see in a few weeks at Rissers, because you’ll end up disappointed. You won’t be disappointed if you’re interested in beach glass, or shells, or a nice swim in a cool little bay. Just lovely. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, one of the pie carts will come and set up shop … oh, I guess that’s a New Zealand term, isn’t it. One of those trucks that make and sell chips and hotdogs and things. They certainly aren’t there every day, but whenever they show up it’s just perfect.

So head to the beach today. It’s close enough to town that you can pop in for lunch in one of the many fantastic Lunenburg pubs and restaurants, and then head back to the beach for one more dip.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. see you there!

Scuba Diving, did you say?

So you’re travelling the world, and you are a scuba diver. Well, sadly, we don’t have the Titantic lurking off our shores … we do, however, have what many scuba divers call the best diving experience on Canada’s east coast: the HMCS Saguenay resting on the bottom of Lunenburg Bay.

Diving not your thing? Then do what we do: visit some of our beaches with your snorkel and flippers and go snorkelling. Bachman’s Beach is lovely, and really close to town.