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Boxwood Festival

Workshop at Boxwood Festival

The Boxwood Festival is a hugely popular musical festival (with a huge focus on flute) that takes place in three select areas worldwide: Waipu, New Zealand; Williamsburgs VA, USA; and (you guessed it) Lunenburg, NS, Canada!

As mentioned above, the large focus of the festival is on the flute (what a magical instrument … though I guess I’m a bit biased having played it myself while I was growing up in Halifax), but there are also many other musical things going on as well: loads of othe rinstruments, vocals, percussion and dancing. There are workshops, classes and shows headed up by world-reknown experts in their own demain, with the emphasis on traditional folk music.

To quote them directly: “Boxwood shares and explores of the roots and branches of musical traditions in a holistic approach that integrates music, dance, language and crafts in educational outreach programs for adults, kids and professionals.”

For a truly unique experience for people of all ages, Boxwood Festival is something to come along and take part in. There are workshops for children to adults, beginner to professional.

And what better place to take part in this amazing festival, than here in Lunenburg where New World History is everywhere you look. The folklore in Lunenburg is oozing from the buildings, drifting through the morning fog, and in the very air you breath.

With the Tall Ships visiting us on the 25th and 26th of July; the Lunenburg Wooden Boat Reunion on the 28th & 29th of July; and the Folk Festival only a few very short weeks away NOW is the time to come. Boxwood Festival in Lunenburg Nova Scotia starts on July 22 and runs until the 28th.

Come for Boxwood and you won’t be able to leave with all the festivals and events going on at the moment … you’ll need to book your accommodation right away and, of course, a backpacker hostel is always a great way to do it. The Kip & Kaboodle hostel can be rented like a cottage – have the whole building to yourself for the cheapest sleep in town. If you aren’t into hostels there are plenty of other accommodation choices in and around Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and Mahone Bay. Take advantage of long-stay discounts and book a few tours with the local tour company Kiwi Kaboodle, who offer hiking, cycling and sightseeing tours of Nova Scotia.