Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot…

we’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not.

So it seems I can hardly avoid the weather. It’s sticking its nose into my business every time I turn around, so I feel it is crying out for some attention. Not just the idle chitchat you hear from people – tourists and locals alike – but some serious, written in cyberstone attention that will remain, forevermore, in cyberspace.

Nova Scotia is a peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean. For anyone who knows anything about the ocean, you’ll be saying “Ahhh. Okay, I get it.” For those of you with less oceanic experience, let me just say that while weather changes everywhere all the time, coastal areas are ever so much much more prone to the changes, because that ocean is having a huge impact on our weather. And boy, she changes a lot around here!

Nova Scotia (and other chilly coastal areas) are quite famous for their remarkable colours in autumn. It’s .. well … impossible to explain. And as much as the colours are gobstopping here, up in Cape Breton is it even more so. One of the things affecting our beautiful colours is our changeable weather. From hot to cold, wet to dry. All of this is being registered by the tree and once we get that rain in September where the air just feels different afterward? That’s when the trees start their song. It builds slowly with the voice of one, lone, red maple leaf (why red? why maple? Because that’s what occured to me. I don’t actually claim to know which leaf turns what colour first.). The tune quickly spreads and to the red song come the yellow and orange harmonies. And then .. huzzah! Our whole arboribus world sings a heartstopping song … I’m off topic again, aren’t I. It’s like an addiction with me.

So yes, our weather is ever-changing. Sometimes you need a sweater in August. Sometimes people are playing golf over the Christmas holidays. No question but that you’ll need a raincoat in Spring … not that it’ll rain every day (although it kind of felt that way this year), but it will rain. And it might rain in summer as well. And autumn. And winter. You might get hail. Hurricanes (not like the kind down south, just our milder & gentler version). Snow. Fog .. ahh definitely some fog which is perhaps one of my favorite kinds of weather… it’s so mysterious, don’t you think? Adds to the whole pirate, ghost, haunted feeling I’m always looking for and finding fairly often when I can be bothered to look hard enough.

Despite the bad rap our weather gets, we also get gloriously hot and sunny days where people are complaining because it’s just too darn hot. 35 degrees (100 for all of you south of the border) is not at all uncommon, and it gets hotter than that as well, although not regularly (thank goodness).

Our backpacker hostel is on a well, which it shares with our house and a little cottage we rent out year-round. The rain is good for us. I’m always happy to see it, so long as I get a sunny day as well. Which we do. But that’s my purely selfish reason for liking the rain.

If it rains while you’re on vacation, all that means is that you have a day to look around the museums and art galleries without having to be distracted by the call of the sun .. calling you to one of our numerous beaches .. to the park .. to the back deck (if laying in the sun is what you’re into) .. to the campground. Tomorrow that bit of rain will look like a whole new world: the trees, plants and flowers will all be bursting with green .. looking lush and lively (say that 10 times fast!). The bird poop on the picnic table today will be washed away tomorrow, so you can sit down and enjoy a feed without fear that your child will think it’s a yoghurt covered raisin and pop it into his or her mouth. The veggies that our local farmers are growing and hoping to sell at the Farmers’ Markets will take a huge leap in growth so that instead of one bag of fresh beans you can buy 2 .. plus peas, carrots and some new spuds. All because of rain.

I know you want your holiday to be perfect, but really: Nova Scotia is all about changing weather. It’s part of what makes us .. us. If you got absolutely no rain or fog or storms or anything but sun when you were here, could you really say you experienced Nova Scotia?

A little bit of rain never hurt anyone … and summer rain is when you can run outside naked (okay, I guess we aren’t quite that liberal minded in these parts ..) you can run outside in your bathing suit and get a good soaking straight from the clouds. Remember doing that when you were a kid? Do it again on your holiday. Really. You’ll feel 15 again.

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