Top 10 Getaway? You BET we are!!!

So you think Lunenburg is out in the boonies? Nobody’s heard of it?? Take a look at this website ( … cheap flights have Lunenburg as their second top getaway for parents … and that’s not some namby-pampy Nova Scotian company trying to get people here, they’re in the UK. You want to know one reason I have always thought Nova Scotia is an excellent getaway for Europeans? The flight from London is about 5 hours. Seat sales can get you here for practically nothing, and once you get here your money is worth so much more than ours it’s a dream … and that’s before you take into account how much cheaper everything is here anyway! Seriously: Nova Scotia is a great cheap vacation idea if you’re sitting in Europe wanting to do something completely different. Cheap direct flight from London – who could ask for more?

Cheap Flights are actually suggesting you leave the kids behind with the grandparents and come away for a romantic trip away. We have spas — three of them — and you can get all the pampering you want. Romantic places to dine, live music, so much for couples wanting a quiet break.

The only issue I take with the top 10 listing is that this area isn’t just for parents wanting a trip away without the kiddies – it’s kid friendly too. My kids love it here, and we LIVE here.

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