Daily Archives: 23 August 2011

What an Amazing Ride

Summer has been such an incredible one. It’s been quite perfect for me, because I’m someone who loves a bit of sunny hot weather to be followed by a bit of cool rain, and then more hot sun. We’ve certainly had more rain this summer than I ever remember, but so many hot sunny days mixed in it’s been the perfect combination. The farmers’ markets will be overflowing with fresh produce, and if you’re into eating meat then all those grass fed animals being sold will be chubby and absolutely delicious.

Summer is quickly coming to its end, and my regular old life is waiting for me just over the next Waxing Gibbous. Autumn is my absolutely favorite season of all —- the gloriously warm & sunny days; the cool, crips nights; the storms, when they come, are big & powerful; the leaves start changing … our whole world finishes and comes to a close, and who knows what the next season will bring. Anticipation of lots of snow for tobogganing; dread of all the many snowsuit days; the happy fire crackling each and every night in the woodstove to keep us toasty & warm …. and a regimented life where I know I can find time to write here, each and every day.

I’m thinking big changes are on their way — hopefully for the better.

Now hasn’t this been an odd little blog about Lunenburg and Mahone Bay ….

Our little hostel has been having a little campfire each and every night (when it isn’t raining) — marshmallows and homemade roasting sticks. Sometimes the kids join in for a while, sometimes not… their bedtime is fairly early, though, so most of the night is yours.

… And our toilet garden is blooming magnificently… now which of you isn’t filled with curiousity over THAT little statement ?? .. why not come see it for yourself