Hidden Gem’s? We gottem!!

So today I went to the Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct with my family, and it’s just incredible! I had only been there once before, and now I wonder what’s been keeping me away.

Only a hop skip & a jump from Liverpool, Nova Scotia (which is also worth a look, btw).

It is also fantastically unadvertised. Why, when you have such a beautiful piece of protected parkland, would you not scream it out to the world? “COME ONE AND ALL! Come see nesting grounds of the protected Piping Plover! Come climb on rocks, hike a super-easy hike through the woods (our 4-year old did it with no help) and get to the softer-than-soft white sand beaches. The amazing flowers and plantlife are actually quite breathtaking. And the seals shlumpfing along the rocks a stone’s throw away are also kind of neat to see.

Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct. You’ve really got to go there — you can camp there, there’s an awesome camping ground. You can go for the day — it’s only about an hour from our backpacker lodge (nudge-nudge wink-wink) … so about two hours from Halifax. But it’s worth it, man. You will NOT be sorry.

Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct. It’s worth a second look. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

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