Daily Archives: 7 July 2011

So what are your thoughts on caves?

Yeah, so what about caves then. I love them. Just think about how often caves sneak into our lives: cavemen lived in them; so do bears and lots of other animals; pirates hid treasure in them; bad guys hid-out in them when they were being chased by The Law; religious icons were buried and sealed in them; Mother Nature grows her treasures in them …. caves come up a lot, don’t they?

So now, have you ever wanted to explore one? There’s lots caves around the world that you can explore – but some of them require nerves of steel .. or abs of steel.

Nova Scotia has some sweet caves for you to explore quite safely. Even if you’re a kid … or a politically correct kid-at-heart.

The Ovens Natural Park is great. You can camp there in tent or trailer, or rent a cabin if that’s more your style (and if there are any spots still available!). There is a playground for the kids, a pool for anyone who wants to swim, Pleasant Paddling sea kayaking through the Ovens; there a museum, an opportunity to do gold panning; a store and a restaurant, live music every night. Oh my heavens, seriously? There’s more? Indeed. A petting zoo. And the caves! Don’t forget the caves!! There is a walking tour through the natural sea caves (you can go guided, or just take yourself). Talk about some amazing photos to show your mates back home, right? Once they sort out their governmental paperwork, there are zodiac tours into the caves as well, but you’ll have to give them a call to find out when they reckon it’ll be sorted.

You should know heading out there that it isn’t free. Sadly. Well if you live here and go in the off-season and guide yourself it is, but there’s a fee this time of year. Still, it’s highly worth it. Really, when you think of it the fees are quite reasonable: it keeps the parks clean (somone, not you of course, but someone ELSE keeps littering and so somebody has to clean that up right? And sort all the unsorted garbage because we Nova Scotians have very specific and environmentally friendly garage laws), and the toilets clean and usable, trails clear, etc. etc. etc. Think of the poor sod having to do all that work – he or she does deserve a wage, yes? Well, so, we have to pay fees.

Again, it’s entirely worth it.

Phew, I’m hot. It’s another scorcher today and I think you can tell from today’s blog that my heart isn’t in it. I’m just too stinkin’ hot. So I’m heading out to one of our beautiful beaches with my kids to cool off… see ya!