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(Ooh – don’t know if that photo worked or not, I’ll have to have a look and go back and edit if it didn’t)

So tonight, right? It’s the night before Canada Day and, as I mentioned earlier today, there is so much on down here for Canada Day, so what to do tonight? It’s kind of a grey day, although still quite balmy. The sun keeps looking like it might suddenly spring through those clouds, but then it gets all shy and goes back into hiding.

Thankfully I have a great idea for tonight. Truly. How about The Knot Pub in Lunenburg? The food there is out of this world – homemade everything and the only thing better than the taste is the price. Seeing as it’s a pub, there is also a pint to be had should you find yourself a bit on the parched side of things.

And why tonight? Of course, every night is great at The Knot. To quote them directly from their website: The person sitting next to you could be a scallop fisherman, Christmas tree farmer, Norwegian sailor, world famous actor, musician, painter, scholar – you never know who you’re going to meet at The Knot!

But so why am I suggesting it tonight? Because every Thursday night is trivia night. Why not give it a go? It’s a hoot — you’ll meet loads of new people, have a laugh with your pint (or whatever it is that tickles your alcoholic or non-alcoholic fancy), and learn a thing or two (perhaps teach a thing or two?) … you’ll have a blast.

Plus you can make all your Canada Day plans with the new friends you’ll be making :)

Hey! So tomorrow’s Canada Day, Eh?

What are your plans? If you’re in Canada you might as well celebrate, right? Because it’s really just one big party that is needing YOU to join in. The city, I’m sure, has lots going on, and it’ll be packed to the gunnels and be quite the riot. If you’re looking for riotous fun with a bit less of a crowd, then head down this way por favor. There’s lots (& lots) going on in Chester, Western Shore, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, New Germany, Bridgewater … pretty much every little community is having huge celebrations and you’ll never guess what? YOU are invited to each and every one.

If you’re wanting a country-bumkin, ox-pulling, Beverley Hillbillies type of party; or perhaps farmers markets, crafts galore, live music and lots of delicious treats kind of a day; or a chill out on the river’s edge, kiddie rides, craft tables, face painting, seriously awesome all-day live music and a truly wow-tastic display of fireworks? Whatever type of day you want, we’ve got it. Some come on down …. EVERYONE can celebrate the big day in a big city, but only you are invited to celebrate a Nova Scotia Country Canada Day with all the locals and the magic we have to offer… we’ll weave you into our spell and you’ll find you are quite unable to leave.

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Ghosts & Gouls

So I realise it’s not exactly Halloween at the moment, but ghosts & gouls are on my mind, so I thought I’d ask: have you any idea how incredibly haunted Lunenburg is? There are some pretty incredible stories about this place including pirates, werewolves, ghosts & ghostships, witches .. my oh my, the list never ends.

There was a German man here in the 1700s who was proclaimed to be Lunenburg’s werewolf … after many sheep & cattle were left torn to pieces and finally a small child, the wife of the man told her suspicions to the locals who had him hauled into jail. While awaiting his trial he himself was torn to pieces in his cell … canine bites covering his arms & legs. His body was buried in unhallowed ground on Gallows Hill.

Ooooohh .. inspiring?

How about the Teazer – a pirate ship, during the War of 1812, being chased by the privateers and ending in a tremendous explosion … and on some foggy nights locals living close to the water claim to see that old pirate ship still trying to escape. Arrrr. (..with thanks to J Shadford for providing the year)

If you are at all interested in spirits, ghosts, and the hard-to-believe-yet-true, then you should really pay us a visit. Lunenburg County is just packed with folklore.

What does a distillery and a blacksmith have in common??

In a word? Bliss. Ironworks Distillery is set up in the old Blacksmith Shop in Lunenburg on 2 Kempt Street. It is a small artisanal distillery, which is not only absolutely gorgeous to be in, but (perhaps even better for some) the spirits they distill are exceptionally high quality — mind blowing, actually. Their blueberry liqueur is made from Nova Scotian blueberries and tastes .. well, like a mouthful of liquid blueberries that warms you to your toes. You prefer something a little more tarte? Try the cranberry liquere. The berries are grown just down the road at the Terra Beata Cranberry Bog (you can visit them too, if you like – Evelyn & David Ernst are always happy to show people around). They have rum made from all natural Caribbean molasses, vodka made from Annapolis Valley Apples (Yes! Apples – not potatoes); Eaux de Vie (fruit brandy) made from Annapolis Valley apples and pears; and finally Apple Brandy.

All products are there for you to taste … and I dare you to try it and not buy it. It’s unbelievable, and so incredibly unique! Talk about a Nova Scotian experience! And just there, right up by the cash register, in a small wooden barrel, are dark chocolates filled with some of their liqueurs. OMGoodness they are fantastic.

Even if alchohol isn’t your thing, you really need to visit Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. It’s beautiful … a gleaming gem hidden inside an old wooden building with a long history you can feel as soon as you walk in the door.

What a day to be HERE!

So seriously, do you like sailing? For free?? Who doesn’t, right? Today (and ONLY today) there is free sailing right out of Lunenburg. The Lunenbug/Nova Scotia Sail School is offering free sails all afternoon. Man – don’t you wish you’d stayed HERE last night? As we speak my husband and kids are out sailing the great blue yonder … and here I am, not with them. Boooo me!

We’ve had more lobster boils than you can shake a stick at here lately, and the wine’s been flowing freely. My newest addition to the hostel is the toilet-planter. I’ll post photos once they’re blooming — at the moment it’s just green leaves & vines. But hey: get a new toilet for the hostel, why throw the old one out when it makes the perfect planter?? Everyone here loves it (except Veda, our older Australian: our 8-year old says she thinks Veda said she liked it to be polite).

Ah, what a cool life I lead. You should really come and be a part of it …

Let’s add some colour here

So two photos: one of the Picton Castle as it arrived on Saturday (isn’t she a beautiful ship?) and the other is one of my daughter’s welcoming summer — yahoo!!

It’s the first full day of summer, and Nova Scotia is making sure we all know it! Another absolutely stunning day. Come on down, visit one of our beaches or if that’s too natural for your taste then go for a swim in one of the many indoor or outdoor pools we have in our area.

We sat up late last night at the picnic tables out in front of the backpackers hostel and have a few beers — listening to the last of the spring peepers (there’s still one or two male frogs out there hoping to get lucky before the heat sets in) and the owls .. lovely. Come join us … why sit in the busy sitting breathing in pollution when you can be here breathing in fresh sea air? Ahhhhhh … I love where I live ♥

Aspo-WhatDidYouSay Peninsula

Aspotogan (ASS-pa-TOH-gan) Peninsula. The name is an anglicized version of a Mi’Kmaq word Ashmutogun or Ukpudeskakun, and the peninsula is situated between St. Margaret’s and Mahone Bays.

Regardless of where the name came from or whether you’ve ever heard of it or not, once you’ve been there you’ll never, ever forget it. It’s a simply stunning drive and you’ll surely use up a memory card snapping photos along the way.

Drive it by car? Well, if you must. But you are far better off going by bike, becase in a car you are simply going to miss way too much!

Oh – you don’t have a bike? I’m sure we can help you out there. There are certainly plenty of places to rent bikes around here in addition to our backpacker hostel, so even if ours are all gone we’ll help kit you out with bike and helmet and all you need for your day.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, your camera will become an encyclopedia.

Barque Picton Castle

Need I say more? Probably — I’m sure not everyone knows the glorious Picton Castle, despite her worldwide fame.

The Picton Castle sails around the world every year and visits third world countries helping out, bringing school supplies to school, buying products which they sell here in an attempt to raise money to keep the boat going. Their crewmen pay to be aboard — and one crewman who has served aboard the Picton Castle many times is the actor Billy Campbell. I kid you not.

Today the Picton Castle will return to her home — Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. At around 1pm she’ll glide in, sails aloft (okay,I don’t know enough sailing terminology to do this properly … bear with me). There will be a party on the Lunenburg waterfront, despite the impending bad weather, and it’s one you just shouldn’t miss. Throughout the summer you’ll be able to visit The Knot Pub and chat with Picton Castle’s crewmen, as they seem to congregate there.

.. I might as well put in a little plug for the Knot while I’m on the subject, because they’re an awesome little pub with a great atmosphere. The food is a great price and absolutely delish: if they’re going to use mayonnaise, they’ll make it themselves. Tartar sauce? Homemade. It’s, as I said, delicious, and priced to sell.. or perhaps priced to eat.

Right. So Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, is where it’s at today. It’s always beautiful, but today it’s The Place To Be. So get here already!!!

Two posts in one day??? How unruly of me!!

Yes indeed, two in one day. I just couldn’t help myself.

Suprima Farms Organic Sweet Apple Cider.

Oh my heavens. One sip is like biting into a delicious Annapolis Valley apple… and not just any old Annapolis Valley apple, but an organic one. This stuff is totally awesome and totally non-alcoholic. There is no way I can truly let you know how delicious this is. Coming to the hostel? Coming to Lunenburg at all? You have to come on a Thursday and go to the Farmers’ Market and try some of this juice. It’s like heaven in a glass .. if you apples, that is. I guess if you don’t like delicious apples then it would as terribly far removed from heaven as you could possibly get….. because this cider has the taste of some seriously delicious apples.

Pitter pat little April – uh – June showers

The spring might be a wet one this year, but it’s also gloriously green and lush. As I drive down the treelined roadways here in Lunenburg County I never cease to be amazed at how many colours of green there are. Truly. Whoever thought of making the green spectrum endless was a remarkable mind indeed.

However, as the song goes, it’s not easy being green … even I am starting to struggle at finding ways to look on the brighter side of a cloudy day when the clouds seem to incredibly thick!

Today I am going to head out to the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market and get some of those delicious fish cakes, some freshly baked bread, maybe some local organic meat and some veg … top the day off with a taste at the Ironworks Distillery booth (yup – free tastings yipee!!) and maybe a new mug from Anne Shupe to celebrate the ending of another year at Bright Stars Children Centre (my day job during the school year: best preschool in Lunenburg .. best preschool in the country (at least in my own opinion and the opinions of the kids who go there! …

Hope your day will be as awesome as mine despite the rain … and if it isn’t, then I think it’s a sign you need to head down to our little hostel between Mahone Bay & Lunenburg and spend a few days living here among the beauty I get to enjoy every day)